Future Science and Culture Conference


On 9th March, the first Future Science and Culture Conference was held in Cambridge, an old and beautiful city in England where the world-famous university colleges are located. Many scholars and scientists from Germany, Canada Australia, Japan, Taiwan, USA and UK gathered at the Guildhall in Cambridge to report and share their understanding and achievements in their own scientific areas.


The day¡¯s conference attracted nearly 300 people. The speeches were divided into four categories: Biology and Medicine; new scientific views; social and environmental science; human science and culture.


Many speakers talked about the close relations between matter and spirit from various scientific angles. Some professors and research scholars in the medical field also introduced some of their recent research results which are not generally known. One artist also mentioned the influences on her creative works by paying attention to the cultivation of heart-nature.


Every speaker at the conference talked about their own experiences in practising Falun Gong, and how it has significantly widened their views on life, the universe and time-space and inspired their studies and researches.